Mr. Khalil Al ShamiMr. Waleed Al Yaqout

Mr. Waleed is currently the Chairman of Boubyan Takaful Insurance prior to which he was with National Bank of Kuwait for 20 years holding several positions across the business.

Mr. Abdulla A.Karim Al-Najran
Vice Chairman

Mr. Abdulla has spent almost 23 years with National Bank of Kuwait in various positions across the bank including Head of Affluent Banking and Direct Sales.

Mr. Abdulla has a strong connection with the bank and has an in depth understanding of the bank and its departments.

Mr. Khalil Al Shami
CEO & Board Member

Mr. Khalil has joined Boubyan Takaful Insurance company late 2012, providing his expertise in support of Boubyan Takaful Insurance position in the market to be the first company in Takaful insurance market in Kuwait.

Mr. Abdulsalam Mohammad Al-Saleh
Board Member

Mr. Abdulsalam has more than 25 years of banking and finance experience, prior to joining Boubyan Bank.

Mr. Abdulsalam was regional manager for National Bank of Abu Dhabi for 7 years, and prior to that he spent the first 19 years of his career at NBK in several post in the bank the last of which was the head of Domestic Corporate Banking.

Mr. Fahed Ahmed Al Fuzan
Board Member

Mr. Fahd has about 26 years of experience in banking; he spent 18 years in the finance departments and 8 years in the administrated operations.

Mr. Fahad Ahmed joined Boubyan Bank as deputy of GM in operations management in 2012, and before that he worked as deputy of GM in operations management at National Bank of Kuwait & before that he worked as the Executive Director for Operations Management at Kuwait International Bank.

Mr. Ahmed Bouresli
Board Member

Mr. Ahmed has more than 14 years of corporate banking experience with National Bank of Kuwait. He is responsible for overseeing the assessment of risks involved in every credit request and has been instrumental in creating the new unit structure to enhance service levels.

Mr. Mohamad Ibrahim Ismail
Board Member

Mr. Mohamed previously worked with the Gulf Investment House as their Chief Accountant and with Kuwait Finance House as a Senior Internal Auditor.

Shariah Committee

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Qassar
Dr. Essam Al Enizi
Sheikh Fawaz Al Kulaib

Our Shariah Committee oversees operations of the company. The Shariah Committee comprises three scholars specialised in Islamic takaful jurisprudence.