Mr. Khalil Al ShamiMr. Khalil Al Shami
CEO & Board Member

Mr. Khalil had an exceptional expertise in the areas of conventional and Islamic insurance through the working more than 40 years in the Kuwait, Gulf and global markets, Where he was responsible for building, developing and managing multiple institutions in the field of insurance. Mr. Khalil experience extended to include supervision to build strategies and financial control mechanisms and create new insurance programs that commensurate with the development stages and the market need either in conventional insurance or Takaful insurance. Plus, Mr. Khalil has added to the above experience the capability of building strategies and discuss the IPO reinsurance agreements.

Mr. Khalil has the experience and expertise in the establishment and management of corporate and converted it within a few years to institutions with a stable financial entity progressing steadily towards the continuity of success.

Mr. Khalil has joined Boubyan Takaful Insurance company late 2012, providing his expertise in support of Boubyan Takaful Insurance position in the market to be the first company in Takaful insurance market in Kuwait.

Mr. Kotaiba Al Nusif
Deputy CEO

Mr. Kotaiba joined Boubyan Takaful Insurance in October 2012 as Deputy of General Manager after he spent more than 27 years in insurance field in Kuwait.

Also Mr. Kotaiba earned many of the local and international courses in the field of insurance and administration during his working years include the development of technical skills, re-insurance, engineering civic responsibilities insurance, life insurance and communication skills and dealing with others courses.

Mr. Mubarak Al Muzaini
Deputy CEO

Mr. Mubarak has more than 25 years in the insurance field and has many of professional courses in the insurance field and the administration.

Mr. Mubarak joined Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company as a Deputy of General Manager and the Director of Motor Dept. in October 2012.

Mr. Mubarak has been working as Deputy of General Manager in the First Takaful Insurance Company for more than 12 Years, he also worked in the Alahleia Insurance Company for 12 Years.